HFC Outdoors - 240 Compostable Cloths & 2 Tins




Product Description

  • The Call Of The Wild compostable cloth is a compressed circular cellulose tab that is 4.5cm in diameter.
  • Water (or any liquid) is added to the cellulose tab and it expands to a 12in x 15in & 60gm compostable soft cloth for all hygiene care.
  • Imagine a clean wash-like cloth in your pocket ready for use: When ever, Where ever, How ever; you need it. On the go Anytime, Just add (a tiny splash) of water or Any liquid.
  • Application uses are ENDLESS!!
  • 1 Sleeve contains 20 Individual Cloths.
  • Water Proof Carrying Tin for easy transportation.
Background Information

  • Highly Absorbent, Hygienic, Safe, Exceptionally Soft
  • Use moist or wet for multiple applications: Face/Hands/Body Cleansing & Toiletry
  • You may use the "Call Of The Wild" Compostable Cloth for multiple uses: i.e. Cleansing your hands or face, may be used for several & endless applications. (3 to 4 times).

  • Exceptionally soft & easy to use.
  • Promotes healthier skin care, non-scented & no chemicals.
  • Large Size: 12in x 15in 60gm
  • Applications are ENDLESS!!
  • Convenient Cloths for all remote hunting-fishing-camping.
  • Compostable soft cloth for all hygiene care.
  • Compostable Toiletry Cloth for 1 time use in the wilderness.
  • Compacted packaging for easy transportation.
  • 20 per sleeve & water tight circular carrying tin sold separately which holds 6 tabs.
  • Disposable yet reusable, can be rinsed many times.
  • Kid friendly and pet friendly in the home or on the go.

Composition of the Call Of The Wild Compostable Cloth

Cellulose is not only the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on earth but also the key element in the plant world. Cellulose is the basic material of the Call Of The Wild Compostable Cloth. Trees which provide the wood pulp for the fiber production of the cellulose come from sustainable sources, wood is a renewable resource. The land utilized for the production of the fibers are grown on land that is unsuitable for food crops. In addition, the trees for the production of the fibers do not need any artificial irrigation and are grown without pesticides and fertilizers.

Disposal of the Fibers

  • Composting: In composting tests, fibers were found to have degraded completely after 6 weeks in a static aerated compost pile.
  • Sewage Treatment: Fibers degrade completely within 8 days in a typical sewage farm anaerobic digester where the resident cycle is about 20 days. Similar results were also found in septic tank tests.
  • Landfill: A landfill site is not easy to define or simulate due to varying conditions. Under laboratory landfill conditions fibers degraded.
Cellulose fibers are made from nature and return to nature.

Directions for Use

  1. Remove one Call Of The Wild compostable cloth from the package.
  2. Place in water or pour (either under tap or drop in basin).
  3. Product will expand once water has absorbed into cloth.
  4. Dispose with a clear conscience as this product is designed to decompose.

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